Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Fever!

So Edward's sister and her 3 boys came to visit us for Spring Break. Talk about a full house! I am glad they don't mind all sleeping in the tiny living room. They are really good sports. Here are some highlights from their stay:
The SAS Shoe Factory
It stands for San Antonio Shoe. Go figure. This is the awesomest place in all of San Antonio. I would recommend it to people before the Alamo. No joke.

Hey there hot lips!

Cute Momma and Cute Baby

The factory tour bus comes complete with SAS Shoe leather upholstery. Pretty cool! Isaac thought so anyway.

My precious new nephew. He's gorgeous, isn't he?

The Texas State Capitol in Austin.

The Austin city skyline (really not that impressive - Houston's is WAAAAAY cooler).

A tribute to the United States of Texas!

Just thought we needed a picture with the state senators from 2001.

My ONE WHOLE picture that I took at SeaWorld (my batteries died), and he's looking bored out of his mind. Amazing.

I am already scheming for an excuse to go see these guys again. We had a great time!


Joel said...

Fun stuff... did I bee sting Amadeus? Was Sea world fun? That's one of those ..."Wish I were there"

Erica said...

hey cute mar! i miss your guts!

The Walkers said...

Hey- I want to come visit you in San Antonio! Will you take me to the shoe factory, too?

Kaylene said...

Yay! I'm glad I found your blog!!! Can I come visit too! LOL! I think I'd be the only one wanting to go to SAS though, there are some small downsides to being in an all boys family, haha!

koryandkatie said...

Hi Marian! It's so fun to find people's blogs! Looks like you guys are doing great. We have a blog too, but I made it private, so I'll have to email you an invite!!

Katie (Golden)

texasblu said...

Looks like a good time. :)

Penelope Crackers said...

I love how happy you are there. :) And I love that "hot lips" photo. One of my friend's has a binky with that on the end so when their baby sucks on it, it looks like he's got huge lips. Pretty funny.