Friday, July 29, 2011

Where the Heck Have You Been?!?!

So, so, so, so sorry I have not posted in over two years.  It may take another two years for anyone to discover that I've posted again. . .  Still not sure if I have the motivation to keep this up consistently, especially since school starts in three weeks, but here goes nuttin'!


1.  I teach kindergarten.  'Nuff said.
2.  I teach kindergarten.
3.  I spend my evenings planning lessons so I can teach kindergarten.
4.  I spend my evenings moaning about the parents of the children I teach kindergarten to.
5.  I'd rather be eating.
6.  I hate
7.  I teach kindergarten.
8.  I can't think of anything new to write about - this happens when all you eat, breathe, and dream is kindergarten!
9.  I can't post pictures of my kindergarteners.
10.  I have no life (see the above 9 reasons for why).

On a happier note, I am excited for school to start (to a degree!).  It is THE BEST to watch those little guys trying to walk in a straight line the first few days.  They spread their legs way apart, and hustle down the hallways like cowboys with vertigo!  Can't wait to meet my new class. .

By the way, while I was busy updating my blog tonight, Edward let me know that I was not to scream or kick or throw a fit.  He was serious.  He knows me well.