Monday, May 25, 2009

My New Job!

I realize I haven't posted in over 5 months, and that I should play catch up, but there isn't really much to catch up on. This winter was pretty monotonous. Work, school, eat, sleep. . . The usual!

Our recent exciting news is that I was hired to teach Kindergarten in the fall at the elementary school I currently work at!!! I am VERY excited. It is hard to get a position in this district right now. They won't even hire anyone outside of the district until they have placed all the displaced teachers - those are teachers who work for the district, but their positions no longer exist and their contracts are still valid (there are at least 100 of them in the district right now). So for me to get this position is a BIG deal. It's all about who ya know. . .

That news will make this summer a busy one. Edward will be going to school all summer long. In June I will be attending staff developments up the whazoo and teaching piano lessons. Good times!Other than that, here are some random pictures from the last few months that show a little of what we've been doing:

Bluebonnets in Washington County

Visiting the Irelands and new baby Amy

Having fun with the nephew

Fun temple trip