Sunday, June 24, 2012

Signing his life away. . .

Edward just re-signed for 6 more years with the Air Force Reserve.  Holy Cow!!!!!!!  I thought the FIRST six years were long enough.  That's okay.  We LOVE monthly training weekends (by we, I do not mean me).  I am proud of Edward for his dedication and service to our country.  Here are some pics of the swearing-in:
Getting sworn in (in case you were confused).
"I will do my duty. . ." Oh wait, that's Boy Scouts!

Making it official.  Do you like how I'm looking right at the camera, but not looking right at the camera?  Kinda creepy, isn't it?  I seem to end up with a lot of creepy eye pictures.  Click here if you want to get creeped out by my eyes yet again.  Not sure why you'd want to, but just in case. . .

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

I know this is a few weeks late, but we had a BLAST camping over Memorial Day Weekend!  We drove up to Dallas to see Edward's newest niece, and we all decided to camp while there.  By the way, Bardwell Lake is a totally hidden gem - we stayed there because it was cheap and actually had camp sites available (which is unheard of for Memorial Day Weekend).  It ended up being such a beautiful little spot.  It didn't hurt that our next-door camping neighbor dressed up like a pirate and acted the part.  ;)  Enjoy the pictures!
Edward workin' the plow. 

Just relaxin' at the Ft. Worth Stockyards - it was WAY too hot to do anything but sit!

We got to pet a REAL LIVE horse!

Somebody is having fun.

This is Truffles.  She is 3 months old.  And adorable.  And soft.  And I want to take her home with me.

Sunrise at the lake was the best time of day.  No one else was awake, but I can't sleep once it's light out.  I guess Edward found me out!

My view of the sunrise over the lake.  Absolutely beautiful.

Having some snuggle time.

You thought I was joking about the pirate next door, didn't you?  I wish this guy was my real-live neighbor.

Edward loves his momma.

Hairy bubbles!
New babies are the best.

There was a field of sunflowers across the street from our campground.  This made my entire weekend!  I love sunflowers - who doesn't get cheered up by them?

All ready for harvest.

Reaching for the sky!

This is my favorite - new life ready to burst forth!