Sunday, September 11, 2011

It's Football Season!

We are not exactly football enthusiasts.  And we don't exactly like UTSA all that much either (even though they are being gracious enough to offer Edward a diploma in December).  But their very first game EVER?!?!?  Oh yeah, we were SO there.  I have to say, the best moment of the entire game was when they announced the temperature inside the Alamodome.  "76 degrees", the announcer decreed.  That was the loudest and most enthusiastic cheer the crowd gave the entire game!  Heat waves are so much fun.  ANYWAY, here is a chronicling of the fun we had last Saturday at UTSA's first football game.  And yes, we won.  (I say we, because since UTSA won, I will claim them).  Please excuse the pictures - we forgot the camera, and were forced to use Edward's crummy phone camera.

Riding the bus shuttle - I will always do this from now on.  Curbside pickup and dropoff, no fighting the crowds!

Oh wait, did I say no fighting the crowds???  I take that back.

There's "our" team playing in superb awesomeness.

We had to take this picture six times before we got one where we didn't look deformed.

Halftime show.  I'm posting this one just for my marching band fiend of a niece, Bekah.

And it just wouldn't be football without orange and blue no-face guys.