Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not much to say. . .

Let's face it.  Who looks at blogs with no pictures?  Not me.  So in an attempt to find something to blog about (not a whole lot goin' on around here lately), I am uploading pictures.  Just so you can see how cute we are. . . or aren't.  Enjoy!


Edward graduated!  This is zoomed in like 400x.  I hope that's really him in the picture!

This is probably the 10th try at a decent picture.  We gave up after this one.

Hiking Leon Creek Greenway with Mom and Dad.  I LOVE December in Texas!

Making sugar cookies.  Yummy!

Mmm, frosting!

"C is for cookie.  That's good enough for me!"  Click HERE to see what the heck I'm quoting.

I think these guys don't know Uncle Edward is good for anything else.  Haha.

Our first Christmas alone.  On purpose. 

Cutest. Nieces. Ever.

Good thing the park rangers weren't around - I don't think climbing on ruins is kosher at the missions.

Totally enthralled by Shamu.

On our way to see the dolphins - can you see determination in our stride?

Deep in thought. . .

Absolutely beautiful, as always!

Eric trying his hand at throwing an atlatl.
1st and 2nd rows.  Their faces are priceless!


Short sleeves.  Again - I LOVE Texas in the winter.

My cowboy in the Hill Country.  I can't get enough of this place.

Still some color at Lost Maples.  So beautiful.

 (It's true - we really didn't take any pictures for 2 1/2 months).  It's alright though.  We're both eating way too much.  Probably better that way!

Such an angel (when she's asleep!)

Yumm, crayons.

Cousin(ly) love

MomE - I love this lady!

Silly girls

Brotherly love.  Or is it sibling rivalry???
 And there you have it!  We sure love our families.

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Lon and Becca said...

Love this! Isn't is kinda sad that we live like 3 miles from each other and really haven't seen one another...silly ward splitting.
Love you guys. I hope you're doing great!