Saturday, October 25, 2008


Okay, okay, okay, I'll update my blog!!! Sorry it's been so long - life has just been an absolute crazy mess since July - but a good one. Here's why I haven't posted in a bajillion years:
1. I got a job working at an elementary school as an instructional assistant for autistic kids. I hated it the first 3 weeks. Now I can't imagine life without someone autistic in it! ;) I sure love those kids - they are definitely chosen children of our Heavenly Father.
2. In addition to the job, I have 20 piano students, who I teach after school. I have a blast with these kids. We're having our very first recital in December.
3. Edward started school at UTSA (University of Texas at San Antonio) this fall, and he dominates the computer ALL the time (luckily, today he is off on some church service project and the computer is free).
4. Since my weeks are so busy, I have to do all the errands, cleaning, church calling stuff on the weekends, and blogging just isn't top on the list.

Despite all the busy-ness, we have had lots of fun moments. Here are some highlights since I laste posted:
The South Texas Corn Maize!!!
Edward's sisters and their families came out to visit for the weekend. Only in Texas do you go to a corn maze in the fall where the corn is STILL growing!

Cutie-pie (the niece, of course - hehe)

Fun with the fam in Idaho

Edwards (31st!!!!!!!!!) birthday
Shhhhh - don't tell him you know his age!

Out to eat at Tucano's in Orem


The whole gang in Idaho

Yellowstone - we did this last year, too.

I promise I will try to post more often!!! Have a Spooktacular Halloween!


Jen said...

Hey- you are alive! I'd pretty much given up on you. Your corn maze pictures are way different from mine- at least you had something green to look at!

texasblu said...

:O She writes!

LOL - good times. XOXO

As for all the business. I hope stopping to smell the flowers IS on the top of your list. You sound like Mom. LOL!

Matt and Haley said...

Busy, busy. It's good to hear what life is like for you guys.

Katie said...

I was beginning to think you got lost somewhere or something! Glad to hear you're alive and well!

Meagen said...

Hey! You look great in the pictues, Mar! It's great to hear how you are doing!

Erica said...

welcome back! SO happy to hear you're safe and sound and lots and lots of fun! my favorite kiddos are those w/ autism too...just love the spirit they share. hope to hear from you soon!

Hummer said...

Thanks for the pictures. They are wonderful..just like you. Thanks for the phone calls too. It is uplifting to talk with you all.

Melissa Miller said...

So relieved to know you are still kicking! And happy to hear all is well!

Melissa Miller said...

Mar I am going private I need your most recent address... I think I have one for you but it might be old...

Sarah said...

Mar...Did you get my email? I want to send a Christmas card and want to know if you are at the same address. Let me know. Miss you.

Venus said...

RUN!!!!!! you guys are on fire get to some water FAST!!!!!!!!