Saturday, April 26, 2008

What We Found When We Took A Drive In The Country. . .

Castroville!!! Contrary to popular belief, this town is not populated by Cubans. Actually, we found this awesome state historical landmark (cleverly named "Landmark Inn"). Here are some pics of the coolness of this place.
Edward napping on a tree.

The Old GristMill (and Edward)

Huck Finn!!!

Marian practically falling into the river (those rocks were sharp!)

The Medina River Dam - gorgeous (the river of course)

We found yummy blackberries (Edward claims they're called "Dewberries", but I didn't see ANY dew on them). Is it illegal to eat food grown in a state park?


Hummer said...

Those pictures are too cool.
Love the water and the dew berries. Were the dewberries sweet? Ours are a bit tart at home, not enough moisture.
My favorite pictures were the one of Edward "napping" with the cool water over his feet and You posing prettily on the log.
It looks like a really neat park to go to. Maybe someday I can go see it with you....; )

texasblu said...

Looks cool. :)

I think dew berries are supposed to be more tart than blackberries.

Looks like u had a fun time!

Erica said...

hmmmm...they look like amazing blackberries to me! and of course it's not illegal. it's not like you've brought in food and leaving the wrapper's around. you're making most of the earth. sign me up!

Minou said...

Looks fun! You'll have to take me there, if I ever get to Texas!

Aunt Suzanne

Rachel said...

That looks like a lot of fun--what a pretty place!

If I'm ever that way, I'll definitely have to go there. :)