Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're Getting There

Here are some updated pictures of our house. If you don't care about our house, you're REALLY not going to care about this post!  They were supposed to start drywalling Monday, which means we should have a firm closing date within the next week or two. We did a walk-through with the builder last week and he said it should be right around the middle of March!!!! I didn't want to dare hope for that, but now it looks like we'll be ready to move in about two weeks before our apartment lease is up. Sounds just about PERFECT to me. :)
From the front

The kitchen (or what will be the kitchen!)

The living room - looking towards the back yard

A bathroom

Side view of the house - check out that RED Oklahoma dirt!

There might be insulation in the house, but it's still cold!

Edward's all ready to take a shower!

Back view from the greenbelt (or should I say brownbelt?)


FranE said...

Whoot! Love the pictures and the timeline. Awesome place you have chosen.

Bekah said...

I love it! So excited for you guys.

FranE said...

It is time to put up the real thing now. Beautiful house and neighborhood.

Melissa said...

You need to update your blog lady!