Sunday, December 11, 2011

We've Been Approved For Adoption!!!

It's hilarious to think that I almost didn't check my email Thursday night.  I had to stay late at school for a PTA Meeting and didn't get home until 8:00.  What with it being so late, my plan was to avoid getting any emails from church (that sounds really awful, doesn't it?).  ANYWAY, just on a whim before I went to bed, I went ahead and checked my email (even though I knew I was going to regret it).  I saw an email from our caseworker, and figured we had something ELSE missing that they had never told us we needed.  I opened the email and almost laughed!  Seriously, at this point my expectations are pretty low.  The email said we were approved and that our profile was already online.  For a few minutes I just sat there and wondered if someone was playing a joke on us.  So I immediately checked online, and sure enough, there was our profile!

And to think I almost didn't check my email. . .

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Beazer said...

Congrats, Marian! I am excited for your news -- good luck.