Sunday, June 1, 2008

Is There Anything Better Than Bluebell?????

So I might be considered a fanatic, but I am in LOOOOOOOOVE with Bluebell Ice Cream. Maybe I should marry it! So I thought today I'd share my "Ode to Bluebell Ice Cream" with ya'll!

Bluebell, oh Bluebell, I love you so,
From the Great Divide to Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Your flavors are so varied,
It's a good thing I married
A man who loves you as much as I.

Your founders were so clever,
I hope that I never
Disgrace them by buying generic.

So I'll grab myself a cow
And go eat some right now
You're the best thing since apple pie!
(which tastes great with Homemade Vanilla, by the way!)


texasblu said...

Very clever! Alas, my Blue Bell days are over.... :)

Erica said...

lol! you are killing me lady! sorry i haven't filled out the survey back...just been going crazy getting things done before i move. have a great week!

Megan & James said...

love it! Ohh I want some Bluebell too!

Minou said...

It sounds very yummy!

Aunt Suzanne

Joel said...

LOL... good Ode... That's how I feel abt all icecreams...Has Edward ever taken you to Brams???? If he hasn't shame shame!
But no blue bell for us...they don't ship this far...Sadness ...I do miss Moolnium crunch...yummy:)

Penelope Crackers said...

Very clever you silly.

Sarah said...

I'm glad to know others are in love with it. Corey just took a day to travel an hour and a half to retrieve some (he was excited they sold it in NC)...with coolers and dry ice. He brought back 14 half gallons! And now, I get to enjoy Blue Bell in Virginia in my own freezer. Oh, luxury!